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Sat, 14 Sept


Ashtanga Yoga Sitges

Satsang Advaita Vedanta with Matías Marquez

accompanied by Alex with Mantras and Music. "Give me your hand and let me walk you to YOU. Let me show you the Reality that You Are." (Matías Márquez) Contribution: 10 EUR

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Satsang Advaita Vedanta with Matías Marquez

Time & Location

14 Sept 2019, 11:00

Ashtanga Yoga Sitges, Carrer dels Germans Maristes, 6, Sitges, Spain


About the event

Following the Advaita teaching along the lines of Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Robert Adams and Ramesh Balsekar. I invite you to find YOUR true identity. The one that is always present in YOU. The screen where Everything Is reflected Until now, who has lived your life? Was it really you or external events? Be honest and look for the answer with a calm mind. The happiness you yearn for so much, what is it based on? When you are richer, with a better job, with the ideal person? Always in an idyllic future. Always dependent on external objects or people. Give me your hand and let me walk you to YOU. Let me show you the Reality that You Are. Without impositions or dogmas. Being the FREEDOM without name or form that YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN. An intimate friend who LOVES You, because we are not two: WE ARE ONLY ONE BEING. Approach the shore, feel the beating of the waves. Be aware, Of its song, Song that invites you, To plunge into its immensity. Take the step, Fear not, You are a precious figure, Of saline essence. Gently, Embrace the waves, That lovingly, Caress your skin. Now you feel the form dilute, Form, Merging into the Conscious Ocean. Now You are Ocean, Now You are Plenitude, You are Consciousness, All-encompassing, All-Knowing Shining Totality, Perennial Stillness. Nothing is outside of YOU. You were always The Ocean of Conscious Bliss. 

Here we leave you a link to a talk by Matías, in case you are interested in Advaita teaching:

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