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Welcome to our home!

We love what we do, the spot where we live, teach and breathe and the human beings that share a bit of their time with us in our Shala. There is nothing more grateful than witnessing how our clients (called "patients" by guruji) enjoy, evolve and leave class every day with a big smile and full of positive energy. 

During the years we have grown together, mother and daughter, in our daily yoga practice and also in Life. And this is where and who we are, sharing the teachings together, each one of us with her own style, but with the same passion for Ashtanga Yoga. 



I was born in Jerusalem in February 1966. I started my Yoga practice in 1991 and discovered Ashtanga Yoga in 1993. I absolved my teacher training with Gilead y Miri Harouvi between 1999 and 2002.



Yoga has shown me tools to return to my path in complicated moments, to keep my mind sane and to have the right perspective on things and situations. 


Mi yoga practice is my favourite travel companion. Whatever happens, it will rescue me, balance me and support me. 

It will never reject me, always embracing me. 

Let it be. 

Love & Peace.

See you on the mat. 



I am Daniela, I was born 1998. I was born by and into Yoga, thanks to my mother and master Tammy and also my father, Marcelo. I follow and live this philosophy of Yoga, by practicing daily, transforming and growing.

I love sharing a practice which is beyond everything, which cannot be seen, heard or touched. 

Just experience, breathing and sensations.  

Let it flow!


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Consol Bofill 

                         Yoga & Feldenkrais Classes

Jaime Xicola

Gestalt therapy & clownyoga

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