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La meditación por el mar

We are very happy to be able to offer a complementary range of therapies. All our Therapists work towards a full body-mind and emotional balance through different treatments: sound, nutrition, manual massage techniques and Ayurveda. 

All those help us to get a better conciousness and understanding of ourselves and lead us through relaxation to a state of peace and wellbeing.  

Contact us for mor information by phone or send us a message!

Our therapies

Gestalt therapy

It is considered part of humanistic psychology.
It seeks to regain the balance between thought, emotion and body.
It is a therapeutic process that addresses the symptoms of these 3 centers, with the aim of improving physical and mental health, increasing the well-being and self-esteem of the person.
Its three pillars are: the exercise of attention, being in the present moment and responsibility for what I think, feel and do.
Price per session: 50€
Duration: 50 min

Contact 662 235 846

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