La meditación por el mar

We are very happy to be able to offer a complementary range of therapies. All our Therapists work towards a full body-mind and emotional balance through different treatments: sound, nutrition, manual massage techniques and Ayurveda. 

All those help us to get a better conciousness and understanding of ourselves and lead us through relaxation to a state of peace and wellbeing.  

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Our therapies

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Ayurveda is an ancient holistic and preventive science. It consists in a natural way of curing, balancing and strengthening the self-healing capacities of the body. 

We offer nutricional consultation, personalised diet, as well as therapeutic treatments such as Shirodara, Karna Poorana, Nasya, Netra Basty, Udgarshana, and prenatal massage. 

In our first session we'll help you define your Doshas and identify possible imbalances to be adjusted in order to help you reach the best version of yourself through daily routines, consciousness and natural treatments. 

Tuesday 11th of May we will do nutricional consults with Dr Vijay Carolin from Kerala Ayruveda Institue Bcn


Timetable: 10-15.30h

Duration: 1hour


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